Membership Dues 2018 - 2019
The following is the fee schedule for
the new membership year (September
2018 - August 2019):

Full Membership: $1,100
Associate Membership: $750

Payment of full membership dues
entitles you to seats for the Yomim
Noraim and carries the $7,000
Building Fund assessment.

Additional seats :
$50 per child seat (maximum of $200
per family).
$100 per seat for other guests

Associate membership does not
include seats for the Yomim Noraiim.

Seats will not be given to those who
have a balance from the previous year
and have not made payment
arrangements with the shul.

Dues can be paid on-line at
or mailed directly to the shul's address,
812 Peninsula Blvd, Woodmere NY.
Please contact
David Yastrab with any

Thank you for supporting the shul!!!

(Please note that
if you wish to
continue paying dues with a recurring
credit card
payment plan, you must
the shul to continue
charging your card for the new fiscal
year. Credit card forms can be
obtained on the shul's website

Updated Email and CRM
Please register with the new website
by going to
and clicking on the upper right area of
the page where its says "Register
now". The website itself is still in its
beta stage but will be finalized in the
next few weeks. There is no cost to
registering with the website. Questions
regarding registration can be emailed

If you have already registered and have
an activated account, please begin
entering your membership information
(address, phone etc).
Once the website is fully functional, the
shul will discontinue using the
Yahoogroups platform for its email