Mishberach List
The Gabbaim are updating the
Shabbos cholim list. If you want a
choleh to be included as part of the
misheberach said on Shabbos and
Yom Tov, please email the name to
Jeff Mann at

Membership Dues, 2017/2018
The following is the fee schedule for
the new membership year:
Full Membership: $1,100
Associate Membership: $750
Additional Yomim Noraiim seats per
child: $50
Payment of full membership dues
entitles you to seats for the Yomim
Noraim and carries the Building Fund
assessment. Associate membership
does not include seats for the Yomim
Noraiim. Seats will not be given to
those who have a balance from the
previous year and have not made
payment arrangements with the shul.
Dues can be paid
on-line or mailed
directly to the shul's address.

Yomim Noraiim Seating
Please see attached the final Rosh
Hashanah seating plan
for both the
Annex and HALB. Please respect the
hard work that was done to
accommodate everyone as best as

Please note that Mincha, kabbalas
Shabbos and Maariv on Friday
afternoon will take place at the annex
with Mincha at 635 PM.
We will not be
davening at HALB on Friday
afternoon. A
ll Shabbos davening and
both Shabbos Shuva derashos will
be taking place at the annex and the