Baruch Dayan Emes
With profound sorrow, we regret to
inform you of the petira of Mrs. Zipora
Goldstein, beloved mother of Tzvi
Shiva will be held at 1264 East 27th
Street, Brooklyn, beginning Friday May
25th until Tuesday morning May 29th.
Those being menachem avel should
arrive prior to 10:00 PM.
May the family be comforted among
the mourners of Zion and

Mazel Tov!!
Mazel Tov to Moshe and Aliza Spinner
upon the Bar Mitzvah of Akiva this
Shabbos!. Following davening, the
entire Kehilla is cordially invited to a
kiddush at the Spinner residence,
528 Woodmere Blvd. May the Spinner’
s continue to have nachas and
simcha from all of their children.

Mazel tov to Danial & Briendy
Jacobson and to Marcel & Tami
Scheinman on the upcoming
marriage of their children, Leah to
Yitzie!. May the families be zocheh to
build a bayis neeman b'yisroel.

CBEY Dinner, 6/17/18
The Journal Dinner will be held on
Sunday June 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM at
Ohr Torah. The shul will be honoring
David and Dahlia Weiss as Guests of
Honor. Dr. and Mrs. Moishie and
Ariella Schulhof will receive the Young
Leadership Award.
There will also be
raffle to help raise funds for the
We look forward to a wonderful

Graduates Kiddush, 6/16/18
CBEY will celebrate this years
graduates with a kiddush in their
honor on Parshas Korach, 6/16/18.

If you have a child graduating, please
enter the relevant information on the
link here, including the child’s Name,
School, and Level graduating from
(Pre-School, Elementary School, High
School, College or post-College).  

We are looking for sponsors for the
Kiddush.  The recommended
is $75 however any  
contribution is welcome. Please note
your name on the spreadsheet if you
would like to sponsor. Please contact
Michael Fruchter for more details.

Board Elections
The following individuals are the
candidates in the election for the
CBEY Board of Directors:
Yaakov Charlap
- Stew Greenberg
- Danial Jacobson
- Shmuli Koegel
- Jay Koffsky
- Eran Ratner

Feel free to reach out to the
candidates with any questions.

The voting period has begun and
continues through Saturday, 5/26. Full-
time member families can vote for up
to three of the nominees. If you are
not sure if you are entitled to vote,
please contact
David Yastrab.

Votes will be accepted through one of
the following methods:
1. Email: Send your votes to This method
is not anonymous (will be known only
to the election committee) and will
require you to include your name in
the email so that you can be identified
as a voting-eligible member.

2. In person: There will be one in-
person voting session, on Motzei
Shabbos 5/26 which will allow for
anonymous voting.

If anyone has any questions, contact
Joe Zelefsky or Mendy Berkowitz.