Mazel Tov!!
Mazal Tov to Tova and Michael
Fruchter on the bar mitzvah of their
son Netanel!. Kiddush will take place
after davening at HALB. May the family
continue to enjoy nachas and simcha
from all of their children!.

CBEY Dinner, 6/17/18
We thank everyone who participated
in last Sunday's Journal Dinner. The
night was a success and we hope
that everyone had a great time!.
Journal can be downloaded here.
If you haven't already done so, please
send in payment for your pledges.

Updated Email and CRM
Over the next few months, CBEY will
be moving its email, membership
management, website and other
functions to Shulcloud, a web based
CRM system. Please register with the
new website by going to and
clicking on the upper right area of the
page where its says "Register now".
The website itself is still in its beta
stage but will be finalized in the next
few weeks. There is no cost to
registering with the website.
Questions regarding registration can
be emailed to

If you have already registered and
have an activated account, please
begin entering your membership
information (address, phone etc)

Once the website is fully functional,
the shul will discontinue using the
Yahoogroups platform for its email