Simcha Torah Chasanim
We would like to thank all the families
that pledged $100 to sponsor the
Simchas Torah Chasanim:

Motti Schiffer - Chasan Torah
Heshy Shtern - Chasan Beraishes
Tzvi Goldstein - Kol HaNarim
Joe Zelefsky - Chasan Maftir

All pledges (for chasanim and other
Yomim Noram purchases and
obligations) can be paid via the
following link http://www.cbey.
org/Donations.html or by giving a
check to David Yastrab.

Seating in the new building
Parshas Noach will be the first
Shabbos davening in the new
building. In the coming weeks, a
member of the seating committee will
contact every member in good
standing* to select a Mokom Kavuah.
Until the process
completes, everyone is invited to sit
wherever there are available seats
and to recognize that no seat is
designated or assigned yet to
anyone. There will be no Mekomos
Kivuim until a master chart is
completed and posted.

*Members in good standing are those
whose full-time memberships and
building funds have been paid in full
or who have made alternate payment
arrangements with David Yastrab,
CBEY Treasurer.